Improving Performance of Windows 7

Improving Performance of Windows 7
Windows 7 has a beautiful display with features Aero Glass UI (Graphic User Interface), but it actually makes the performance of the computer to be slightly decreased. Users may disable Aero features contained therein but are generally more computer users enjoying the beautiful view of Windows 7 compared to the standard view that seem innocent but fast.

If your computer / laptop installed Windows 7 and want to improve your computer's performance without losing the Aero Glass feature can be some tricks to use below.

Improving Performance of Windows 7 Without Eliminating the Aero Effect

Improving Performance of Windows 7 Without Eliminating the Aero Effect

Sometimes we do not need some visual effects in Windows 7 that is rarely used because it is quite burdensome to the use of performance computer memory. There is therefore a good idea to re-setting visual parts so they can be slightly speed up the performance of your computer.

To set up the visual :

Click the Start Menu and type Icon adjust the appearance in the box to the Search. Then press Enter once found.

After Visual Effects Performance Window is open, you can disable the setting-setting follows:
  • Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing 
  • Animate controls and elements inside windows 
  •  Animations in the taskbar and start menu 
  • Enable aero peek 
  • Fade or slide menus into view 
  • Fade or slide tooltips into view 
  • Fade out menu items after clicking 
  • Show shadows under windows 
  • Show translucent selection rectangle 
  • Show window contents while dragging 
  • Slide open combo boxes

Then click Apply and Ok Setting the Windows Start Up

Windows StartUp is a software / scripts that automatically run since the computer starts up and operates in real-time. Too many programs running at start up is very resource consuming your RAM memory. By turning off some of the software that runs on start-up can help speed up your computer's performance.

How to turn off programs that are not needed on start up is :

Click the Start Menu icon and then type msconfig in the search box and press Enter so found.

At the System Configuration (msconfig) is open, click on the Start Up tab section as shown in the image below:

Then remove the programs that would be required less / rarely used. For optimal results suggested just leaving antiviral active. Make sure you only activate the 3 programs that you think is most important in the active state.

Click Apply and Ok Turn off Windows Services What Not Required

Windows Services is a collection of features that go behind the scenes and process features of its own. But sometimes many of these features are less than required so that it can slow down the performance of your computer / laptop Windows 7 you.

To turn off unnecessary Windows Services are:

Click the Start Menu icon and then type services in the search box and press Enter so found.

Once the Services window opens (as shown above), right click on the parameter you want disabled and select Properties. Then select Disable, and click Apply, Ok

List of Services contained in the parameters quite a lot, but some of them you can still deactivate / disable to make your computer run faster:
  • Block Level Backup Engine Service 
  • Bonjour Service (from iTunes) 
  • Certificate Propagation Group Policy Client (if not on domain) 
  • HomeGroup Listener 
  • HomeGroup Provider 
  • Offline Files 
  • Portable Device Enumerator Service 
  • Security Center (Its useful but I never using this features) 
  • Software Protection (make sure you activate Windows first) 
  • SSDP Discovery 
  • Windows Defender 
  • Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service 
  • Windows Search

After all process is complete, restart your computer and see the difference. The trick above is only a small part you can try to speed up your Windows 7 computer.


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