Sweet Android Phone from Japan

At present, Japan is also eager for Android, KDDI (Japan's second largest operator) created five new products for Android. An Android phone with a design "sweet" and color it.

The phone comes with the name in the C01 line of information. Do not be fooled by the name of "stiff and formal" you, this phone have a vision that is "sweet." From the physical appearance alone, the information line C01 keyboard with color change style chess tables or mats.

Sweet  Android Phone from Japan

Color selection is quite varied, ranging from black and white, red-white-blue and yellow-white-gray. Yes, at first glance like a caramel-colored paste on a cell phone.

Deeper Hotline interesting because it has a user interface that Android is facing facts. Photo TechCrunch; see the unique interface cards in the information bar.

This phone uses Android 2.3 as a starting point. He will appear in Japan in February 2012.

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