Tips on Buying a Laptop

Tips on Buying a Laptop
Currently, laptop or notebook is not categorized as a luxury that can only be owned by a particular person. Along with the amount of competition that increasingly crowded market makes the price of laptop / notebook to compete from time to time. Price notebook / laptop is very varied. Especially for those of you who have limited funds to buy a laptop of course.

Buying a laptop is not without risk, but if you are impetuous to buy a laptop is quite likely regret in the future will bring.

Tips on Buying a Laptop
Tips on Buying a Laptop here is that you need to consider to minimize poor quality laptop would you buy it:

Hardware is the physical of the laptop in question which include LCD, Battery, Adapter, Keyboard, DVD ROM, etc.. The most vital thing that you notice is the LCD. Make sure that the LCD on the laptop is no leakage. The way to check is to change the background color to a black desktop. If you notice there are flecks of white light you should choose another laptop.

- Casing
Is the surface casing / body of the laptop in question. Some scratches of course is normal for a laptop condition, but should you need to consider is the condition of the bolts fastening the laptop case. If still attached tightly (tight) means the condition is still pretty good laptop. Conversely, if looks loose, it can be indicated that the laptop has often dismantled before.

- Keyboard / TouchPad
The keyboard and touchpad are other important devices. Without them, you will not be able to use your laptop for typing or clicking menu. Make sure you test the condition of both the laptop keypad typing one by one through an empty notepad file. To open an empty notepad file may be through: Right click on desktop> New> Text Document. If there are one or two buttons that do not work better find another laptop that still function normally because of course you do not want to incur additional costs to repair the keyboard, not ?

- Laptop Batteries
The battery on the laptop is also very important. Generally, the disease can be found in laptop batteries was leaking so the duration of use of the laptop will not last long. To test the battery condition can be tried to turn for 10-15 minutes without connecting it to electricity. If during this period you see the battery indicator to decrease rapidly, it can be suspected that the condition of the battery has been leaked.

- CD / DVD Driver
Make sure you get a CD Driver of the laptop in question. You may run into trouble in the future if you want to format your computer because the CD Drivers will be required to reinstall.

- Software (Optional)
Make sure that the software that is installed in the laptop to function properly. This is only an optional course, but enough power to save the future because you do not need to reinstall the software that is needed especially if you are new to computers.


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